Goodgame Empire Hack

The whole community is appreciating very much the hard work that the Elite French Hack Group (E.F.H.G) have done. Thanks to them and GGEmpireX, a new working algorithm is out now to make your gaming experience go bloom with the use of this Goodgame Empire Hack.

goodgame empire hack

GENERATE  UNLIMITED Goodgame Empire GOLD COINS, RUBIES and other resources  PER EVERY ‘GENERATE’ button hit

Unlike other generators where you are being asked for you email, password and some other delicate details, this Goodgame Empire Hack doesn’t need any of this information in order to run, all that you must know would be your username/nickname in order to receive your Goodgame Empire items. The anti ban protection has been included in our latest update, so make sure that your account will NEVER be banned;

Full Tutorial Guide For Using this Goodgame Empire cheat tool:

  1. Log into your Goodgame Empire account and stay logged in;
  2. Plug your device with your USB cable and click on ‘Connect’, wait for it to successfully detect and synchronize;
  3. After that, enter the amount of items you want to generate, without any limit
  4. Click the button ‘GENERATE’ and wait for the bar to laod fully until it reaches 100%;
  5. Click OK and check your items balance in your game!
  6. Don’t share these cheats for Goodgame Empire with your gaming friends nor on the internet, because the less popular will be, the less will get noticed or detected, therefore its lifetime will increase and it won’t get patched. Enjoy!
FileName: Goodgame Empire Hack Tool.exe
Size: 7.60 MB
Type: EXE
Date Updated:

Downloads: 8317

If you need assistance for downloading this Goodgame Empire Generator, go to the How To Download page and find out how in less than 2 minutes.

details about goodgame empire cheat

Let’s take a look about the benefits and risks of using cheats in Goodgame Empire, and more exactly about the cheat tool that we released, in pros and cons:


  • What may look like bad news, it doesn’t actually have to be too, regarding the maximum uses per week of how many times it can be running safely; limit yourself to a maximum of 40 uses and like that it won’t be considered an abuse from out part; if you are in a big need for these Goodgame Empire hacks, we can advise you to make a new account, change your IP or use proxies, and try running the program again (only if you want to use it for more than 40 times per week in case you have an alliance in the game that you want to help). Either way, with the addition of the anti-ban protection, your account will never be banned because of the anonymization for your gaming account;
  • As you can see the two fields in the Goodgame Empire hack are blank so that you can fill in any amount of Goodgame Empire rubies and coins  and any other resources you want, even if it’s a number like “99999999999”


  • Something really special has been implemented in this Goodgame Empire cheat tool, and it works like this: we added an auto-update script to the generator for its latest released versions, so in case this will ever stop working (get patched), you won’t have to search for a working one again all over the internet; you will simply be prompted with a pop-up wether you want or not to update it; 
  • The rate of success is at 98.21%, which means that your items will sucesfully be added in your gaming account ~ 98,21% of the time;
  • Instant result, once you hit the ‘Start’ button, it will take a couple of seconds for the whole process to take place; depending on your browser/device, you will either have to refresh the page or not to see the changes;
  • Goodgame Empire hacked is working for any server, its configuration will allow to function to whichever server you are on
  • Simple interface and easy to use; 1 integrated plugin that will help the rate of success (see options)
  • Automatical verification for the Goodgame Empire hack on a daily basis and manual verification on a weekly basis for possible patches; if reports are being made by our community that it stopped working, we will unpatch it and release a new version as soon as possible; also, the file is clean and scanned before every release, but make sure you scan it yourself just to be sure

Goodgame Empire Hack 2015

Watch the the whole video below, to see this GG Empire Hack in action !

UPDATE: We released a new version since the launch of the one from this video, but it looks the same; it includes the same features plus the ‘Wood’ item. It will connect directly to our new server, and it will work much faster; also, it includes a little script recording how many times you have used the tool in one week, just so you can keep track.

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23 thoughts on “Goodgame Empire Hack

  1. this Goodgame empire Hack added for me plenty of rubies so far. ty for updating this and not forgetting about us

  2. Guys if you have trouble running it just get the latest .net framework… I just instaled it and its working really fast

  3. I downloaded this program 3 days ago and during these 3 days I managed to destroy on my own half of a guild, that really pissed of those players, but meh..I’m powerful and rich now -_-”
    such a tool can ruin the game if everybody would be using it, yet since not everybody is using it… :D thanks haha

  4. it is funny when you go to war in the game with someone who is using same cheats as you; i just realized today that someone new in the game was growing up very/too fast so he was using this for sure

  5. i actually quite enjoyed this game until I used this goodgame empire cheat tool.. got rich in the game and there was nothing else to do except destroying whole guilds by yourself.. don’t get noticed too much, overall, it was kinda fun

  6. Impressive share, I used to think that only the big guilds of this game are owning such hacks, seems it got leaked out or you guys are ‘the’ big guilds of this game, because I never understood how some guilds were so powerful in such a short time when the gg empire server was restarted. I used it few moments ago, worked great, but I wonder how much time is this gonna last

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